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“…..Lotta’s ability and talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics are truly superior….”

Dear Parents

With over 15 years of experience, I understand that from time to time every family and child benefits from a little added support. Children sometimes need a confidence boost to consolidate vital maths and literacy skills, some reassurance to help them move up to the next level or some guidance so that they feel confidently prepared for approaching exams. Not hours on end of extra tuition instead of play, but rather some balanced support to establish strong foundational skills and a confident love of learning that nurtures a healthy high self-esteem.

My team and I love to work closely with families to establish a happy, sensible, workable plan for all, whether it is 1:1 support or at one of our Clever Clubs Workshops, the aim is to inspire our young students to solidify a real enthusiasm for success whilst honing vital skills. Helping children establish a lifelong willingness to persevere and adapt to each challenge that will serve them for years to come. Not because they have to, but because they want to and therein lies the real secret to success. Helping children form a love of learning and a positive mindset early on is a good idea, it’s no fun trying to cajole a reluctant teenager into good habits!

Do take a look at my testimonials as I have been so fortunate in working with countless children, helping them along their path towards a happy, confident and successful educational experience by offering extra support when needs be, solidifying a strong set of foundation skills as well as building a confident enthusiasm for learning and success and I'm very happy to personally discuss the best options for your son/daughter too.

We can bring clubs and classes to you or do look out for what we’ve got going on around SW London. I offer consultations and initial assessments and occasionally have space for 1:1 tutoring. I can also offer an introduction service to my fabulous team, some of the best, most trusted tutors and educational professionals around, so feel free to give me a call for a chat or drop me a note with your requirements in complete confidence.

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