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Keeping Learning Fun with Excellent After School, Saturday & Holiday Clubs:

Small Tutor Groups

Brilliant Book Club Workshops to Boost Vital English Skills , Communication & Confidence

Challenging Puzzle Clubs Workshops for Reasoning, Strategical Thinking & Problem Solving:

Small Classes with Individual Targets for Maximum Benefit

Confidence Boosting Peer to Peer Learning

Inspiring Experienced Teachers

Happy Learning


“The Clever Clubs really help give my sons a positive attitude to education by teaching in a friendly, relaxed and informal way.”


Clever Clubs Children don’t even realise they are learning. Club workshops and tutor groups with friends are fun, relaxed & designed to inspire success:

Confidence boosting Clever Club workshops and courses in SW London are less intense but just as effective as 1:1 tutoring. The informal clubs can really help boost children’s confidence in the wider world amongst their peers, putting the fun back into learning and taking the pressure off. It is possible to embrace additional support, achieve the best results and still be enthusiastic, happy learners. Clever Club workshops always include lots of individual attention ensuring academic improvement and plenty of fun and laughter so we are sure to get the best out of all our children.

At Clever Clubs experienced inspiring teachers guide children to become excited, enthusiastic learners and rather than counting down the minutes of a tutoring lesson, they are usually surprised how quickly the time has flown by, a sure sign of having fun!



Be kind & encouraging to others in & out of the clubs

Do our best & never give up

Listen respectfully to all club members

Ask questions

Clever Clubs Golden Keys of Success:

✨ Clever Clubs workshops are carefully curated and limited in numbers for maximum peer learning potential.

✨ Clubs are fun and take place in a friendly, supportive environment with experienced, mature, DBS checked club leaders.

✨ Laughter & fun are definitely key with some after school snacks and treats to keep us going!

✨ Every club member has an individualised learning plan that tracks progress and sets focus targets for optimum learning success to unlock true potential and build lasting confidence.


Book Club

Reading is the foundation of all learning:

“Clubs really encouraged my daughter's love of learning, engaging her to read books but more importantly they helped build my daughter's confidence in learning new skills on a higher level...." London Mummy 

✨Brilliant Book Club Workshops:

  • Improve vital English skills

  • Reading. Writing. Comprehension

  • Boost confidence, make new friends and inspire children to discover the thrill of literacy and become enthusiastic learners

  • Fun clubs packed with skill enhancing games and much more

  • ✨ Club members practice reading & evaluating the text, looking for inferences and improving important comprehension skills.

  • ✨ Club members are encouraged and supported to read aloud in a non-judgmental environment and participate in open discussion amongst their peers. Facilitating an excellent confidence boost for future interviews and life in general!

  • ✨ Club members significantly improve their writing skills by studying all aspects of the authors writing techniques. Children love to create and write a mini book of their own.

  • ✨ Life skills for confident communication.


Puzzle Club

Resilience & strategical thinking for bright sparks in the modern world:


“Our daughter was losing her confidence due to a fast paced competitive school environment. Lotta helped her get back to the basics of math to provide a firm foundation and then play games and put the fun back into it! Very much needed for that time in my daughter's life...."

✨Stimulating Puzzle Clubs Workshops:

  • Develop critical thinking

  • Non-verbal & verbal reasoning

  • Problem solving

  • Fun & games to encourage enthusiastic learning

  • ✨ Club members practice solving practical puzzles, developing perseverance and resilience.

  • ✨ Club members learn practical strategies to solve both non-verbal and verbal reasoning assignments, similar to those used in the CEM and 7 - 11+ tests.

  • ✨ Clubs are supportive and help enhance a positive growth mindset, concentration and focus for maximum success.


Mini Book Club

It’s never too early to create good habits and nurture a love of literature:

Mini Book Club for 2.5-5 years, introducing the magic of books, reading & phonics:

❤️ Through weekly themes, stories, puppets, music & art; we set the little ones on the right track for a love of learning & reading.

❤️ Clubs introduce and de-mystify First Phonics as we teach a new letter and sound every week for a happy confident start for children and parents alike. All welcome.


Membership & booking required as clubs are strictly limited to an absolute maximum of 6-8 children per club (10 for mini clubs) for increased learning success. Membership includes Clever Clubs starter pack.

To join one or both of the Clever Clubs contact us or complete registration.



Parents Workshops

Get ready for Reception and school with some handy insider practical knowledge.

We de-mystify the National Curriculum & decipher teacher talk, explain the EYFS & Key Stage One expectations and lessons.

What exactly is Phonics? We can take you through the process.

Contact us to register interest. We run morning coffee & cake workshops & evening workshops over a glass of something cold!

We are in SW London but can travel to you if you have a group.





For registration and further information: